How to choose a jockey wheel
How to choose a jockey wheel

Jockey wheels, which are often overlooked in trailers, are an important and vital part. The importance of jockey wheels is obvious. It is important to choose the right size for your particular trailer. Jockey wheels serve two purposes: to keep your trailer level and stable while it is unhitched, and to help you load your trailer. You can also reduce the strain your back from them as they improve the trailer's maneuverability.

Is it smooth or serrated?

Smooth and Serrated Jockey Wheels

This is probably the most important question to ask when you are choosing a jockey-wheel. What's the difference? Smooth jockey wheels are the most commonly used and are the standard for trailers that are light to medium duty. One drawback to a smooth wheel is that the shaft can slip through the clamp, and then hit the road. This could cause a damaged tyre or even the need to replace it.

The outer ribbed sleeves of the serrated jockeywheel have a ribbed exterior. This is common for commercial heavy duty jockey wheels with diameters of 48mm or more. However, they will need a clamp with the same ribbing as the outer sleeve. The shaft can slide through the clamp due to the ribbing in the sleeves.

What is retractable jockey wheels?

Retractable Jockey Wheel

You might also be wondering what a retractable jockeywheel is. What's the main difference between this one and another? The retractable one does away with the need for a clamp. Instead, the one bolts straight onto the side of the trailer coupling via a multihole fixing plate (typically used on a square or tpole coupling).

What does the different sizes of these items mean?

This is your next question. There are two sizes. The largest is the diameter. ATE stock six different diameters. The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm Serrated, 48mm Serrated, 60mm, and 63mm.

A 35mm size would work best for trailers that are light in weight.

A 42mm is required for larger trailers as well as unbraked boats trailers.

48mm will be required for caravan and commercial trailers

A 48mm serrated, 60, and 63mm diameter would be required for heavy-duty commercial trailers.

The most common are the 60 and 63mm diameters. These are capable of a maximum weight of 750kg. When selecting a jockey-wheel, where the clamp forms part of the complete coupling, width is critical as this cannot be changed.

The second size is the open/closed height. This only applies to adjustable height lifts.

In conclusion,

You should consider several things when choosing a jockey ring. What type of trailer you are using, the diameter you need, if you need a smooth one or one with serrations, and if a retractable jockey ring would be an option. Be aware that you must ensure that the coupling is not already clamped, and that there is a multihole fixing plate so that it can be attached.

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