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Jockey Wheel, Caravan Jockey Wheel, Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel

Ceramic bearings are necessary in your wheels.

We've all been there: we went to the bike shop and turned the wheels to determine which felt the fastest. Naturally, there will be discussion as to what bearings the wheels have and whether they're ceramic.

Ceramic bearings have been the subject of a lot of media attention and numerous tests in the past few decades. Ceramic bearings are viewed as an edge over other competitors by the majority of professional riders.


Research has shown that ceramic bearings will roll more quickly than equivalent steel bearings, which can save you energy and allow for faster speeds at the cruising speed. Ceramic's properties allow for the creation of smoother and rounder bearings.

Do electronic groupsets need to be used?

Ceramic bearings are lighter than comparable steel bearings. This will allow you to reduce the bike's overall weight. Another advantage to ceramic is its hardiness, which means it won't corrode as fast and doesn't rust as easily. Ceramic bearings should last longer , be lighter, and perform faster than steel bearings, theoretically.

Find the best hoops


Ceramic bearings are expensive. A complete set costs PS80 for a bearing, while wheel bearings are priced at PS240. While you may find cheaper versions, these bearings offer a limited benefit over steel ones.

Ceramic bearings' wonderful'spin forever" feeling is due in part to extremely low-friction seals. These seals are not very good at sealing the bearing from contaminants.

It can be a hassle to clean our bikes, and it can make the super-fast wheels feel like a cheap pair o' training hoops. Although you can remove the bearings carefully, clean them and relubricate them, they will never feel the exact same.

Ceramic bearings have many disadvantages. A few wheel manufacturers have stated that aftermarket bearings are not covered by their warranty.

Aero wheels are in order


Installing ceramic bearings on your bike is a lot like installing a Formula One gearbox into your Ford Fiesta, and expecting it will perform well after 100,000 miles. Ceramic bearings are used to give a marginal racing advantage, but are not designed to last for years of super-slick use.

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You can look into buying your equipment if you're a professional rider who doesn't want to pay.

You can shave just a few seconds from your 10-mile PR by doing this. You won't be disappointed...until they require maintenance.

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