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HOW TO CHOOSE RIGHT JOCKEY WHEELS FOR YOUR CARAVAN OR TRAILER The right jockey wheel The right jockey wheel could make the difference between a boat/trailer that is easy to maneuver and one that is difficult to use. Consider the following factors when making your decision: the weight of the jockey wheels, the material they are made from and the diameters and lengths of the sleeves (the vertical metal tube) and jockey wheels. Measure the height of your current jockey wheel assembly from the handle to its bottom. You will need to measure the outer diameter of the sleeve (the vertical tube) if you have an existing bracket that you want to replace. It is easy to fit a boat trailer jockey wheel. Different types of jockey wheels The trailer drawbar can be bolted or welded to hold a standard or fixed jockey wheels. The shaft can be moved up or down to adjust the height of your jockey wheel. You can choose between a solid or pneumatic wheel. A'swivel bracket jockey wheel' allows you to pull a release handle and rotate the wheel horizontally for travel. You can choose to remove the wheel, adjust the height and swivel the wheel into a travel position with an 'adjustable pivot bracket'. Types of wheels Jockey wheels come in two varieties: solid and pneumatic. Solid - These tyres can be made from rubber or nylon and are suitable for use on concrete, paving or soil that is densely packed. Pneumatic - These pneumatic tyres have an air-filled design and are suitable for loose ground like beach sand or muddy soil. It is possible that you cannot swap between pneumatic and solid wheels. You might not be allowed to swap between solid and pneumatic wheels if your jockey wheel came with a solid tire. They often have a larger diameter that solid wheels.
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