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Are ceramic bearings necessary for your wheels? It's something we all have done: We went to the bike shop to spin the wheels to find out which one feels fastest. There will be much discussion about which bearings the wheels are made of and whether or not they are ceramic. Over the last few years, there has been much coverage and testing on ceramic bearings' advantages over standard steel bearings. Most professional cyclists support ceramic bearings because they offer an advantage over their competitors. FASTER, LIGHTER AND BETTER? Research shows that a ceramic bearing made well will roll faster than a steel bearing. This saves energy and allows for faster cruising speeds. Because ceramic has a smoother surface, it is possible to create rounder and more durable bearings. Is it necessary to have electronic groupsets? Ceramic bearings are lighter than steel bearings so you can reduce your bike's weight by switching to ceramic bearings. Ceramic is also a stronger material that is less likely to corrode and should not be broken down as fast. Ceramic bearings are expected to be lighter, faster and last longer than steel bearings in theory. Find the best hoops available WHY ARE WE NOT ALL ROLLING ON CERAMIC BEARS? Ceramic bearings can be expensive. A complete set of bearings costs around PS80 and wheel bearings start at PS240. Although you can find cheaper options, they offer little benefit over steel bearings. Ceramic bearings have a wonderful'spin for ever' feel due to their very low-friction sealings. In some cases, the downside is that these seals can be very poor at sealing the bearing against outside contaminants. Cleaning our bikes and riding in British conditions can lead to super-fast wheels feeling more like a pair of training hoops. You can clean the bearings and re-lubricate them, but it will not feel the same. Ceramic bearings are not only a disadvantage to steel. Many wheel manufacturers claim that aftermarket bearings can void their warranty. It's time to get some aero wheels. OUR TAKE It may seem a little like fitting ceramic bearings to your bike and expecting it perform the same after 100,000 miles. Ceramic bearings can be fitted for marginal racing gains, but they will not provide super-slick service for many years. Are wider tires really more efficient? Pro riders don't have to pay for their equipment. If you want to cut a few seconds off your 10-mile time, do it. They won't disappoint...until they need maintenance. Ceramic bearings are an expensive and unaffordable upgrade for the rest of us. Get some good tyres Our CULT bearings (ceramic races and balls) have lighter lubrication. They roll faster than standard steel bearings, with less drag. Ceramic is more tolerant to heat, so it's a plus that ceramic has less friction. They are also lighter, which is always a plus!
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