Square Quadrate Tube K Type Bracket 60mm Jockey Wheel for Trailer
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Our factory is located in Jiangsu Province, China. Founded in 1956, we start to produce trailer parts like jockey wheel, clamp, prop stand, etc. and export them mostly to Europe since 1998. With a long history, we have rich experience in products. Besides good quality, we also provide attentive service. It can save a lot of time and money when you choose us.

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Product Detail
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Product Parameter / Introduction

This 60mm jockey wheel has a square outer tube. It is popular in the market. With a plate, it doesn’t need the clamp for installation. It has 470mm outer tube and 200x60mm wheel with a static load around 250kg.

Item No.: KLE60-P12
Properties: Inner tube thickness: 3.5mm

Outer tube thickness: 3.5mm

Outer square tube size: 60x60mm length 470mm

Rubber wheel size: 200x60mm

Weight: about 11kg

Static load: around 250kg

Material: Q235 Steel
Use: Trailer Parts
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Surface Treatment: Hot-Dip/Galvanized/Painted, or as per customer’s request
Package: Wooden Pallets/Cartons, or as per customer’s request
Application: Caravan, Boat, Trailer, Truck, etc.
Lead Time: Around 1 month
Supply Ability: 18,000 Pieces per Month
Port: Shanghai/Ningbo/Nanjing, etc.
Packaging Details: 100pcs per pallet (pallet size 1150*1130*1130mm)

20 pallets per 20’ container

Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time. Good communication with customers. Good after-sales service. Good faith.

Applications / Introduction

Jockey wheel/Jack used for supporting trailer, caravan, truck, boat, etc.

Product Advantages / Introduction

1. Thicker steel pipe (our inner pipe thickness: 3.5mm and outer pipe thickness: 3.5mm)
2. Heavier weight: about 11kg
3. Zinc coating thickness: beyond 10 μm
4. Good welding and galvanization

Our Service / Introduction

● We will more precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients' drawings.
● We have professional QC team to ensure good quality.
● Check the raw material before starting production.
● Have the random inspection during the processing.
● Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.
● Keep promise, timely delivery, good after-sales service.

High Quality / Introduction

Got the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate.

Our Advantage / Introduction

● We have been engaged in trailer parts production for more than 20 years with rich experience.
● Quality is the most important thing in our factory and we put quality first.
● We communicate with our customers timely and actively and always satisfy their requests.
● Our price is very competitive especially the quantity demanded is large.

FAQ / Introduction

Q: What advantages do this jockey wheel have?
A: This jockey wheel has a square outer tube which can bear around 250kg static load. It is very firm as its inner/outer tube thickness is 3.50mm. Also our jokey wheels have good galvanization and welding. We promise that our zinc-coating thickness is beyond 10 μm (usually 15~25μm). With tooling/welding robot, the welding place is very firm and looking good. All of our welding workers have been trained with welding certificates.

Q: What advantages do your factory have?
A: First we establish for a long-term with rich experience in products. Secondly, our product quality is very good and praised by our customers. Thirdly, we have good and steady price and also provide very good service.

Q: How about your credit?
A: We have been established since 1956. We always adhere to the principle of honesty and customer first. We communicate with customers timely and keep promise. Due to our good service, our customers are very satisfied with us.

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